Croissant and Breakfast Pastry Cooking Class in Paris

What Are Croissants And Breakfast Pastries?

Merely people prefer the continental breakfast to what is known as the English (or possibly Irish) breakfast. Despite being associated with Paris and France the croissant was originally created by a Viennese baker in the 19th Century. As well as being a crescent shape its other noticeable feature is the flakiness of the pastry. It is only become popular in the rest of the world after the Second World War. Other breakfast pastries include scones, breakfast biscuits (not to be confused with the mass produced breakfast biscuit), cinnamon buns and pain au chocolat.

What Do You Learn croissant class paris?

Best pastry class in Paris

You can obtain a croissant class paris for breakfast pastries which lasts three hours, learning the right way to roll the dough and cooking the lightest of pastries in the oven, as well as getting them the perfect shape. Many of these classes are available in English and you can obtain the ticket over your mobile phone. Please note that some of these classes have a waiting list, so book as early as you can.

How Do I Chose Which Class Do Go On?

Although many of these classes concentrate on croissants it might be worthwhile looking at their additional pastry items to see if they are something you want to cook. Examine the reviews of the establishment - it is something that the students enjoyed? Did they create a good product? And even if they didn't, did they come away with some knowledge about cooking? It pays to do a bit of research if you plan to a course which is hardly on the cheap side. Whatever you decide you do it is always about the experience, rather than training for a life of Cordon Bleu anyway.